Monday, May 23, 2011

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Down The Rabbit Hole

So I'm completely addicted to Alice In Wonderland's whole dreamland, world of fantasy theme portrayed throughout the movie, but as much as I would love to say this outfit's inspiration was derived from that movie, I can't. Basically, I just threw this look together and the entire night I was getting told I could pass as Alice's twisted step sister, which of course, enthralled me and so I ran with the comparisons. As dainty as the pieces are, there's still something haunting about the look in it's entirety, which essentially means that this outfit IS me, and I'm okay with that.
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Do It Like A Dude

*Cue Jessie J* So I've always had this bizarre dream, as well as intuition, that in a past life I more than likely was a boy. More specifically, an obnoxiously flamboyant gay boy (okay, so I don't know if that necessarily counts as a male, but in my world, it does.) But unfortunately, I'm stuck in this body that the universe identifies as female, but that doesn't mean I can't play dress up every now and again and throw on a pair of dress slacks and loafers, right? So here's my rendition of an over-the-top, excessively shiny, sexuality questioning, boy.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meghan's Moved!

I've been a terrible mother to this blog, I will openly admit that. HOWEVER, I am now getting back in the swing of things after some personal issues and what better way to celebrate my new, reinvented self, than with a fresh, innovative blog? And with that comes a new URL- I would be so grateful if you all followed me on there and spread the word!