Thursday, March 4, 2010

Walking on a Dream

Often I find myself thinking: sometimes about life, sometimes about fantasy, sometimes about my future. But lately, the one thought that I can't seem to get off of my mind is the concept of location. Late at night, once a shadow of darkness has painted my room black and the only sounds that seem to be circulating throughout my secluded sanctuary are noises of my mind gently whispering to me, I rest my head full of blonde tresses onto my pillow and evaluate. Frequently, I have been proposing the question, "Meghan, if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?" upon myself. Then, as I lay there, staring at the ceiling imagining that I have X-ray vision and can miraculously see right through the roof to catch a glimpse of the constellations, my mind wanders off into some fictional world, almost like an unwritten story book loaded with pictures of palaces, royalty, the world, and divine clothing creations that the supreme fashion god (whoever that may be) has created. And the only words in this book, are adjectives and verbs-no sentence structure, no nouns, no punctuation, just free, unattached words. Once my mind has accessed this parallel brain of mine, I contemplate the question of "Where would I be?"
New York? I ask myself. The city is thriving with interesting people, favorable fashions, beautiful culture, and fascinating history. But no, New York just doesn't cut it.
Then I ask, Paris? It is the fashion capital of the world and the polar opposite of Florida. But still, I always seem to shoot down that location as well.
Japan? It is drenched in cultures that I have never encountered, ranks quite high in uniqueness, and the hardcore street fashion is to die for. Yet, my mind doesn't seem to agree with that idea either.
Suddenly, by some force of nature, I have this sudden realization that if I could be anywhere at all, the only place that I could dream of calling my home would be one of the most divine places to ever exist; in Alexander McQueen's mind (a girl can dream can't she?) Some people say, "I would love to be in *insert name here*'s mind for ten minutes." But no, I would love to eternally live in this man's mind. To be in the middle of the darkness, fantasy, imagination, and emotions his brain conjurers, well it would be indescribable, so therefore I am not going to even say any adjectives because I know that they do not have the ability to measure up to him, and will essentially seem childlike and low-brow, which is something that I do not want.
But honestly, could you envision nuzzling up in that precious little brain of his and calling that HOME? It would be very unproductive I imagine. I know all I would do is just cuddle up in a pile of his bumsters and impeccably tailored dresses from the McQueen archives while munching on popcorn, basking in the glory of each design idea that would pour into his brain. I also believe it would get rather cluttered in there, but I would gladly roll into a little ball, almost like some tiny creature and just plant myself into the smallest nook and cranny I could find, because let's face it, his ideas are much much more important than I am.
Too bad my imagination is far too big for reality. Maybe Disney could build a new theme park; McQueen's Mind? I would be an avid visitor, or I suppose I could just live there! Ya know, hide in the trash cans while security does their nightly checks? Dear Walt, take it into consideration.
We still miss you McQueen<3


  1. Meghan, this is wonderful. Your writing is just amazing. I miss McQueen too :(

  2. i'm sure it will be quite interesting to be in his mind, indeed.

  3. lovely post! if i could be in hos mind. i might much inspiration there!

  4. Yes, I agree- in the fantastical inspired part of his mind where he was capable of turning even the darkest memories into art. But there are parts of his mind that I don't even want to think about- those tortured, personal corners where he dealt with things audiences were never privy to. I wouldn't want to be there. Far from it. But I do wish with all my heart that he could have found a light for those spaces.

    I miss him terribly, too. Even today, when I was writing about fashion shows, he crossed my mind and I had to take a moment to mourn before I could keep writing.

  5. I lived for his dark moments. There was the dark romantic moments, the dark glam, and just the dark. I have been doing a project for my fashion class on him and everyday that I have been working on it has just been inspiring, but extremely depressing. I learned so much about him as a designer and a person that I now have even more appreciation and respect for him, but I just can't let go of the thought that the fashion industry lost one of it's most innovative and unique designers. Actually, he was more than a designer, he was a visionary. May he rest in peace.

    Thank you for the comments everyone!

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  7. Rip McQuenn! ..I love your blog! I like the first picture ! Congratulation for your blog!

  8. you're such a good writer! i wonder what it would be like if i was in his mind..

  9. I don't think you ought to rank your ideas as far less important than his. Seems like you have some pretty stellar ideas yourself.

  10. Gagaaa! I love this article sosososo much! - <3 Aftski

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  14. P.S. Dear idiotic anonymous from the 5th:
    It's "you're a lesbo", not "your". You might want to learn proper English.

    Thank you. :)

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