Monday, February 15, 2010

Am I High?

I fortunately remembered to tune in to Marc Jacobs' live broadcast of his Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show. It was truly therapeutic. His designs embodied that classic, simple essence that every women dreams of obtaining, but rarely ever does. Neutral colors such as tans and grays floated down the runway on very refined, doll-like, but yet classic Gone With The Wind esque garments. I'm sensing a shift from micro minis to longer, more modest dresses and skirts for next season. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for flaunting what you've got, but it's about time that we start gravitating towards more fabric, the world doesn't need millions of Lindsey Lohans, it's hard enough to stomach one. I don't know much about being high (sorry to bring you up again LindsLo) and achieving that euphoric state, but I'm pretty sure I managed to hit euphoria tonight. And how appropriate was that soothing rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I've been over many rainbows, and there's never garments like that where I go. Dear Marc, take me to the rainbows you are flocking too. Maybe the fact that he is the Oz of the fashion world allows him to mentally locate himself on another planet, and Mr. Jacobs, we love what you're doing, so let your mind wander. I'll try to get pictures up soon once they start floating around the internet, but for now you're going to have to deal with this pathetic excuse for a review of the always magnificent, Marc Jacobs.


  1. great post. i watched the live broadcast as well and it was very intriguing. loved, loved, loved just about everything in the second half of the show.

    you can find some photos here:

  2. Yes! I really enjoyed it. The music tied the whole thing completely transported me to a different state of mind and I even started crying because it was so beautiful :O I'm such a girl, ha.