Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nothing Clever Or Witty, Just My Greatest Regards.

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When I heard the news, I didn't catch a glimpse of my face, but I could only imagine how ghostly my already pale face appeared. My heart sank, my jaw dropped, my tears were on the brink of flowing (I wouldn't have minded the smeared mascara that would have embraced my face all day, it would have served as a beautiful accolade to the great, but I figured for everyone else's sake, I had to hold it together). Today, the fashion world lost one of it's heroes, Alexander McQueen. A talent and passion such as his is a rare find. He was more than just a designer, but a visionary, an artist, and an icon. His ability to express such creativity and emotion in a garment has left me, and most of the world, speechless. Mr. McQueen, I bow down to you, I applaud you, I admire you...and any other form of praise that one could do. Your designs will forever serve as a remembrance of your impact on the fashion world. I think I can speak for the world when I say we love and miss you. May you rest in peace.

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